Granite Gang Saw Industry

Throughout history stone was chosen as a principal building material because of its availability, beauty and long lasting features which are the guiding requirement of architecture in any age. Granite is composed of minerals, yielding excessive resistance to abrasion, making it the material of choice.

Granite buildings are preferred for their beauty, durability, permanence and prestige. Granite is used in floor tiles, landscape products, tumble stones, building interiors, church features, paving materials, counter top slabs, cemetery features, and cobblestones and in other industrial applications. Granite products are supplied in different colours and finishes. Indian Granites are popular in today's world due to their beauty in color, long lasting nature and wide variety of choices at affordable pricing. The granite processing industries of India introduced Gang Saw into their operations in the past decade due to international demand of wider slabs. Hariman Exports imported Italy made Gang Saw machinery to meet the international client requirements.

Hariman Exports is 100% EOU deals with only export quality material and all our gang saw machines are imported from Italy.

Black Galaxy Quarry

Hariman Exports promoters have its own Quarries of Black Galaxy in Andhra Pradesh, which is one and only place there are Black Galaxy Reserves. Other leading colors are procured from subsidiaries owned by the promoters and their family owned quarries.

Hariman Exports follows standard input procurement process for Raw Material procurement based on the machinery capacity rather than need basis procurement. Selection of Raw Material is done by the promoters directly to make sure the quality is addresses right at the input level.